Welcome Kit

Welcome Message from Caroline Angel

Hi there,

Congratulation for saying yes to re-learning and activating your innate healing abilities.

The principles in this Re-Awaken Masterclass are NOT what is conventionally bombarded into our brains and psyche by “trusted experts”. “Trusted” doesn’t mean trustworthy.

Throughout your journey with The Whole Transformation, you will receive principles within the Natural Laws in bite sizes- starting with your Welcome Starter Kit gifts.

The journey will involve Un-learning almost everything we thought we knew about health. 

The principles within these gifts and masterclass are universal, sacred and ancient. They are NOT fads or trends. They transcend culture, time and location.

Never before has such deep forgotten wisdom been excavated and revealed empowering you to re-ignite your innate healing abilities has been delivered to the public in this way.

Please do not dismiss any of them for any reason. Alone they may seem like not a big deal, but they are AND collectively when you put them into practice, they amount to sets of powerful practices that support your divine being and your journey to becoming your own healer.

Remember that it is the small hinges that move big doors.

Right now, we highly recommend doing two things.

  1. Bookmark this page.
  2. For easy reference, save the email with your login credentials sent from Caroline@thewholetransformation.com with subject “Your Welcome Starter Kit”.

Be sure there are no spaces after your email or password. Sometimes extra space is created when you copy and paste.

I look forward to seeing you in the masterclass…woot woot!

Much love,


The Whole Transformation