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Protect Body

Rob Mack

Mind’s thoughts are an important part of one’s wellness and crucial to making the difference between seeing results or staying frustrated.

Rob, Ivy League educated positive psychology expert shares his practical formula for ultimate happiness which starts with mental mastery by helping us:

How to activate your brain to receive life-giving wisdom

Prepare our mind and drop into the clear thought space

Letting go of toxic mental thoughts and fears that hold us back from taking actions that serve our highest good.

Bring in positive thoughts and  become receptive to life giving information so you can live a healthier and longer life.

Easy, effortless yet powerful practices like Micro and moving meditation to deafen the outside noise so we can hear the inside noise. The art and science of being in flow state, not by force but by the spirit of Source/God

Dr. Tom Cowan

To listen to this masterclass, you need to be  open minded and hearted…..willing to set aside your core beliefs, medical establishment, scientific methodologies, and core beliefs enslaving us to the modern ill care system.

In this masterclass:

You will hear about viral theory like you have never been taught before.

You will begin to inquisite the existence of virus and that it causes disease?

Are viruses causing diseases?

What is the relation of exosomes to our health?

You will learn what makes people sick? what is the cause of imbalance or dis-ease?

Discover what are we made of?

Why could knowing what we are made of affect us, our lives and how we move through life.

How to avoid/minimize getting sick or out of balance?

Dr. David Shirazi

Learn about:
Arousal index, environmental and lifestyle factors that cause bad quality of sleep.

Find out how disturbances like snoring, hot flashes, a noisy bed partner, light, EMF, or sleep apnea makes our body shift from being in balance to imbalance state.

Learn how lack of quality sleep affects all of our systems including neurological, endocrine, immune and digestive systems leading to more serious conditions.

Find out how quality sleep promotes healthy skin, hair, mood, energy and overall health.

Learn practical sleep hygiene tools to help you get the necessary sleep your body is so desperately needing.

Step Sinatra

Step will speak about the spiritual and divine connection and healing side of aligning with earth’s frequencies

We are going to review What is the principle of Earthing/Grounding?

How is man made EMF, toxic food and toxic water affecting our mental/spiritual and energetic bodies?

What is the relevance of intuition in this conversation?

What is the connection of Earthing to harnessing the power of our Mind and Intuition?

Why should we pay attention to our mind and intuition when we have so many stressors  to worry about?

How will grounding the whole body help us?

How to integrate the spiritual world within the modern context.

Step will share Free, simple and easy actual specific tools that harmonize balance into the energy field. He will share simple and effective grounding techniques and hacks to mitigate the negative effects of man-made EMF.

Miriam Gomez

To deal with all the stressors in our lives, we need to be healthy, vibrant and ready, strong, focused physically, emotionally and energetically SO that we CAN take care of family and loved ones.  We need to relief stress fear and anxiety. Relax our nervous system instead of fight or flight. So we can think strategically. We need to have the energy. We need to be creative. Be more focused and pay attention to our selves. Not just physically. So that you can take care of family and loved ones. And as creator God, spirit, divine being, or whatever connection to Source. We have ability with mind and heart to create.

In this masterclass, you will learn the benefits of grounding visualization meditation and And Why is it important to practice that at this time in our lives ?

Miriam will be leading us in a grounding visualization meditation connecting with the earth and our bodies to have focus and get back to center. We will connect with the heart space so that we truly receive all the information that is being shared in all of the masterclasses.

Caroline Angel

I will lay the foundation, set the tone and outline what to expect from this masterclass.

I will help you navigate through and utilize the life giving information you are about to embark on.

You will learn about the 7 natural laws —the forgotten commandments that a vibrant person operates by to produce extraordinary success in wellness, happiness and productivity—and how they support ALL of your bodies; physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

The Whole Transformation