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Mika Shoemaker

This is a breathwork workshop.  You may be thinking …breathing!!!  doyee….isn’t that something I do automatically and subconsciously? Why do we need a class on this?!?

In this masterclass, Mika will teach us what is breathwork, why is it important to breath properly, what is proper breathing.

Mika will share with us how proper mindful breathing powerfully shifts your state, alkalizing your body, reduces stress, strengthens immunity, alleviates depression, reduces pain and inflammation, aids detoxing, lowers blood pressure and improves sleep.

Depends on how it is utilized, breathwork technique can be used to increase energy and alertness or sooth and calm

You will learn how to use Breath to get into a balanced state physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mika will demonstrate TWO POWERFUL and practical breathing techniques, one of them is used by navy seals to stay calm and focused in dangerous situations helping make decisions from a centered state.

Professor Michel Poulain

Have you heard of the BlueZones?  You may have been curious and impressed by the BlueZones Centenarians who demonstrate longevity. You may have been inspired especially their 90% plant-based diet. You want the true story?  My colleague Professor Michel, THE demographer who identifies and validates Blue Zones and I discuss:

Which are the 4 BlueZones – not 5 as it is being promoted- and which one is a pretend.  Find out the shocking truth of why is the pretend one being promoted as though it is a Blue Zone?

He drops the truth bomb on the BlueZones diet. Discover the shocking lie that has been told enough times that even other researchers are believing this fairy tale to be true. This kind of disinformation is deceitful and harmful. It is perpetuated by other “experts” who use this “data” to support their idea and agenda. It benefits them, not you.  Knowing this will empower you to choose your path wisely and not be duped by those who have an agenda.

We discuss other shared factors/lifestyle that contribute towards the centenarian’s longevity and how we can practically implement in our own lives.

Sally Fallon

In this masterclass, Sally will discuss:

What is Germ Theory? Why is it flawed? And why are we collectively ‘virologically illiterate’!

What if “viruses” are actually helpful exosomes, which do not cause disease, but which the body makes in response to toxins, starvation and injury?

She helps draw the connection between 5G technology and the modern epidemic dis-ease.

If not viruses, then what are some of the things that cause dis-ease or imbalance?

Link between symptoms and nutrition deficiencies.

We bust many “common” expert myth of healthy vegetarian/ low fat/ plant based diet.

Sally will share the timeless principles of healthy traditional diets which echo -not surprisingly- the true diet in the identified 4 BlueZones, which house the most Centenarians; people who live over 100 years of age with vitality and longevity.

You will learn many ways to not just protect self from illness and toxicity but to help nourish on a cellular level to allow body to do what is divinely designed to do.

Mark Mcafee

Mark discusses why raw milk is one of nature’s most perfect foods…the first food of life.

He debunks many ill-informed and agenda driven fear mongering advise against raw milk.

What about the issue of cholesterol?

Anti-inflammatory elements found in raw cheese and raw cream and raw milk?

We talk about the importance of fat-soluble Vitamin A, k2, and D3.

And how other nutrients like iodine and B12 in raw milk products support the immune system, our gut, help balance the hormones and our overall health.

And how do we source safe raw milk especially when it is “illegal” and can’t be found easily in grocery stores?

Joel Salatin

Joel shares with us:

What is the
huge difference between nutrient dense food from  animals grown on regenerative soil vs toxic  products from animals grown in feedlots also called  (CAFOs) Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations?

How is the meat from CAFO feedlot toxic? How is the meat from a regenerative farm more nutrient dense (vitamins, minerals, enzymes

What ESSENTIAL and key vitamins and benefits does our body receive from animal products that it won’t from vegetables?

How does regenerative ranching/farming help the planet, the animals and us the consumers?

Why raw milk vs pasteurized & homogenized organic milk?

Why is there a war on meat?

We share where to source clean animal products.  And if eating out, what should we look for?

Theodore Lucier

In this Part II, Theo discusses the 2nd part of the simple 2 step approach to solving digestive, cognitive, skin, energy, imbalances and overall poor health.
In Part I, Theo shared the many easy DIY ways to detox effectively.
In this masterclass, Theo discusses the micronutrients needed to be added so that your body can start performing the way it was divinely designed to.

We discuss the importance of receiving micronutrients from clean animal-based products and that the only way to receive some of the nutrients are from animal products.

The Whole Transformation