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Masterclass 2023

Professor Gerald Pollack

Author of “The Fourth Phase of Water,” and a world-renowned expert in the field of water science, professor Gerald will help us understand how this 4th phase of water is key to understanding the many magical powers it possesses and the unknown phenomenon that happen in the body.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

How the accepted framework stating that there are only 3 phases of water: sold, vapor, liquid deadwrong.

He will show us what is the concept of Exclusion Zone (EZ) water  and how this liquid crystal in our cells lights up a light build.

How EZ water is synonymous with 4th phase water, structured water and liquid crystal.

How this EZ water creates Charge Separation that generates massive power within us.

We may be 2/3 water by volume, we are 99% water on a molecular level.

Our body is intricate but the fundamental principles of operation is simple. Mother Nature doesn’t operate based on abstract mathematics.

He explains how infrared energy is critical in building EZ water and unlikely source so infrared energy.

He shares with us how Sun, Earth and Minerals connect us to the source of energy that recharge our batteries.

Dr. Tom Cowan

We go much deeper than we did in 2022.

To listen to this masterclass, you need to be  open minded and hearted…..willing to set aside your core beliefs, medical establishment, scientific methodologies, and core beliefs enslaving us to the modern ill care system.

In this masterclass, we learn:

How are we a living crystal?

What are the forces that destroy the healthy formation of water and thereby create the conditions for disease to arise.

What kind of water should we look for to drink, bath, garden with etc?  

How to structure water?

Tom, as usual, will blow your mind with his critical thinking thought provoking yet common sense ideas starting with:

What is inside our cells?

He shared some things that is mind blowing specifically about DNA, Genes, what is inside our cells…… So good.

His shocking answer to my burning question. If say an mRNA experimental injection which was designed to alter our body or transmit it to another human, is it possible that WE have the power within us – being 99% living crystal- to reshape back to how we were divinely designed.

Veda Austin

Veda has dedicated 0ver 10 years observing and photographing the life of water.

In this Masterclass, Veda will share:

Unbelievable Crystallographic photographs and videos showing water’s intelligence, where the unseen becomes seen in this freezing stage.

How water responds to words, answers questions, comprehends faces, expresses our emotions and apparent comprehension of life.

What is this H3O2  and how it acts as a battery.

How our body is our temple caring for the Holy water within us that is our own medicine.

Water WANTS to build a relationship with us.

Water is a liquid antenna. Water as a sophisticated form of communicator, our messenger.

How to connect to water’s pure foretelling abilities.

Connection between salt and the liquid crystal within us. And how the war on salt is cutting off our life force.

Veda shares the signature patterns of different kinds of water: rain, tap water, filtered water so we can see the health of it.

Special fabric that helps build EZ water

A special bottle that helps remove traumatic memories from water.

We are walking liquid crystal solar panels.

Gina Bria

Gina, who studies desert communities will help us understand how awe inspiring we are divinely designed by sharing with us:

What IS water?….beyond the H20 narrative

What is 4th phase water and how that matters to us

What would change if we understood we are more water than material?

What surprising factors dehydrate us.

What are five ways to hydrate not widely known, but widely practiced by indigenous populations?   It isn’t guzzling 8 glasses of water.

John Stuart Reid

A pioneering acoustics engineer, John Stuart Reid is a man on a mission to educate and inspire the world in the field of cymatics, the study of visible sound.

Through his specifically designed CymaScopic instrument, a device that makes sounds visible, John has shown when you imprint sound onto water, it not only changes the structure on the surface of the water, but it also organizes all the molecules with sound.  

In this masterclass, John shares:

Sound gives birth to light, which in turn gives birth to this EZ water.

Reveal how we are water/electrical beings.

Our cells generate electricity from EZ water.

The connection between blood, music and longevity.

The Goldie Lock Zone of decibels. How listening to high quality music, you can repair dying red blood cells and help body slow the rate at which you age, massively reducing chronic inflammation- within a few weeks to 0) and also give your body a sexual boost.

Surprisingly why classical music creates the least number of viable red blood cells.

Tells us how electron flow in arteries and veins is built by Exclusion Zone water

Every biochemical reaction including every thought, every intention you hold, every prayer is creating sound which help our cells create EZ water.

Why movement is important part of creating EZ water.

How food powers these biochemical reactions and how and why it matters what you eat.

The power of dowsing to locate items otherwise impossible to find.

He will explain why vortexed and warmed water is better assimilated by our body, and thereby optimizing the functionality of our cells which in turn help energize us

He will show us the specific step by step technique of how to create high electrical voltage multi-layer EZ structured water with simple vortexing tool you can find in your kitchen. It is so ridiculously simple you can start making your own structured water without spending thousands of dollars on useless technology.

Will share with us how our bodies miraculously repair with Sound Medicine.

Taylor and Shehera

Did you know that sound healing also has a particular effect on the water and crystals within our bodies? Shehera and Taylor will help draw the powerful omnipresent connection between sound AND the liquid crystal within

In this masterclass, Shehera and Taylor will educate us about

What is Sound Healing, its history, and understand the role of sound in the future of medicine and healing.

How does Sound vibrations impact the molecular structure of water within our us and help shape healthy water crystals in our cells

How does sound affect the seven inner waters within our bodies resulting in rejuvenation, re-alignment, and healing and access frequency of higher vibrations such as love, joy, gratitude, and spirit.

How sound helps shape healthy water crystals in our cells

What do water crystals within our cells have to do with our health?

The connection between Sound and the primordial waters and why it is important

The many benefits of sound healing: reducing stress, releasing stuck emotions and pain, improving concentration and creativity, and inducing relaxation.
Release of stuck emotions and pain
Enhances overall well-being by reducing stress, improving concentration and creativity, and inducing relaxation.
Assess frequency of higher vibrations such as love, joy, gratitude, and spirit

Learn about a powerful and easy to implement tools to help yourself or your clients if you are a practitioner.

As a All Access Pass gift, Shehera and Taylor conduct a specially curated sound healing session using different instruments and crystal bowls to help activate the liquid crystal within us to help us get back into balance.

Dr. Barre Lando 

Barre will help us understand how our body is a microcosm. He will show us how to play with all the ether elements to enhance our ability to use the universal canvas and create our own matter/experiences and become a more efficient powerful spiritual being we were divinely designed.

He reveals the foundational source of EZ water by taking us through a journey where we see how it ALL starts with consciousness which sparks thought which sparks the electric vector which births sound thereby sparking light/heat which produced EZ water.

In this masterclass, Barre shares:

Difference between Scientism and Alchemy.

Molecules don’t exist at least the way chemists think they do.

Talk about the alchemical process that happens in the ethers with the four elements that creates nutrients in the atmosphere.

What lessons can we learn from Breatharians if we are not willing to give up the joy of eating food.

How is guzzling too much water dangerous.

EVERYTHING is a state of water that has been fixated.

How to move body towards being a Super Conductor where it doesn’t need that much fuel input to derive all the energy it makes to thrive.

What comes out of your mouth is more important than what goes in like food or drink.

How it ALL starts from consciousness.

Water is the most potent healing medicine

How to have water and other elements in our bodies obey our COMMAND to produce the desired outcome.  This is Alchemy 101.

He shares Ayurvedic wisdom of using salt during hot season to cool down the body.

Barre explains the infinite abundance of Primary water.

Step Sinatra

Step helps us unearth another forgotten wisdom and see how the secret to the universe is right in front of our face and all around us.

Step will connect how grounding and specifically earth’s Schumann Resonance helps structure water to form this EZ liquid crystal allowing the semiconductor proprieties of fascia and cell membranes to work more efficiently.

In this masterclass, Step will share:

What did the Greece Blue Zone get wrong?

ALL the validated BlueZones have abundant source of electrons from the ocean and the waves pounding generating negative ions in the air.

Surprisingly how little water the Greek Centenarians drink.
How else do these Centenarians hydrate?

How Scientism is slowing down our acceleration of consciousness.

Why are we waiting for and relying on the wrong diagnosis?

Why are Minerals and Salt SO important in this equation and how water and salts play with each other.

Water is an information carrier, holds and conducts charge. Water has memory. It is a feedback loop. The water gives off frequency. Frequency is resonating with the field. The field then responds to frequency.
How what we think about AND feel changes water structure accordingly.

Changing your thoughts affects the reality immediately.

Linda Cooper

Linda Cooper is an investigative journalist specializing in highlighting overlooked “common denominator” for the longevity phenomenon in the Blue Zones.

She shares her recent travel to Sardinia, Italy, one of the Blue Zones- to further investigate her theory which could be one overlooked reason behind the phenomenon for why the centenarian men of Central Sardinia live as long as the region’s centenarian women.
This could also explain why Centenarian women I interviewed in Sardinia didn’t go through the violent menopause symptoms we so many women living in the modern world do.

In this masterclass, Linda shares:

The correlation between the Blue Zone regions and their proximity to the Geothermal water hot spots.

Why is this obvious region’s environmental geothermal factor overlooked?

What do Geothermal Waters have to do with increasing potency of the soil making the nutritional factor in the foods grown on it or grazing on it on steroids.

What is Heat shock proteins that increases the potency and benefits of food 10 fold, increase cellular function and optimize immune response

We discuss solutions around hormonal imbalances specifically menopause symptoms.

Why is Wild Thistle the holy grail of all herbs

She will share how we can mimic Heat Shock Response without moving to one of the Blue Zones using infrared light, cold water therapy, mineral bath soaks.

Professor Michel Poulain

Have you heard of the BlueZones?  You may have been curious and impressed by the BlueZones Centenarians who demonstrate longevity. You may have been inspired especially their 90% plant-based diet. You want the true story?  My colleague Professor Michel, THE demographer who identifies and validates Blue Zones and I discuss:

Which are the 4 BlueZones – not 5 as it is being promoted- and which one is a pretend.  Find out the shocking truth of why is the pretend one being promoted as though it is a Blue Zone?

He drops the truth bomb on the BlueZones diet. Discover the shocking lie that has been told enough times that even other researchers are believing this fairy tale to be true. This kind of disinformation is deceitful and harmful. It is perpetuated by other “experts” who use this “data” to support their idea and agenda. It benefits them, not you.  Knowing this will empower you to choose your path wisely and not be duped by those who have an agenda.

We discuss other shared factors/lifestyle that contribute towards the centenarian’s longevity and how we can practically implement in our own lives.

Theodore Lucier

Theo shares about water from a detox perspective. He shares the low effort and high payoff ways to support body’s native healing intelligence to combat man-made toxins (in water or otherwise) that affect our liquid crystal fourth phase gel in our cells.

Once again, Theo shares a ton of new healthful AND actionable information. Some of this ancient knowledge is so forgotten that it may seem very scary as though it is brand new practice.

In this masterclass, Theo shares:

What is Dry Fasting

How is it different than water fasting which is cannibalizing eating muscles and organs.

How Dry Fasting – which is not eating OR drinking (done properly) – is actually hydrating , creating metabolic water, converting fatty acids to water increasing urine output!

Why did Russian scientists call Metabolic water produced from Dry Fasting “The Water of Life”

Why and how is Dry Fasting the single most effect AND SAFE pushing out decades of metabolic toxins, breaking down scar tissues, fats and tumors and using it as energy? Sound SO contrary to popular belief.

Dry Fasting, done properly, is like a free stem cell infusion.

How is Dry fasting the quickest way to lower your deuterium levels

How does DRY fasting create structured water in the body?

What is Zeta Potential and how it helps you get better blood circulation, nutrient delivery and waste removal?

Why are minerals so important for the water gel in our cells to operate optimally?

A 64 million-year-old bioavailable electrolyte that adds electrical charge, structures water, hydrates your cells, clears out toxins.

Interesting historic facts about the man-made chemical fluoride and how to combat it

The Whole Transformation