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Cleanse Body

Craig Shoemaker

In this masterclass, Craig helps us have some fun and lighten up our soul to be open to receiving messages for our highest good.

Craig will guide us through a couple of practical and actionable laughing exercises and help us experience the power of healing properties of laughter for our physical/mental/spiritual well-being

Let the power of laughter:

• release stagnant energy within our physical body

• decrease stress hormones

• increases the flow of immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies.

• relax the whole body

• Boost the immune system

• Trigger the release of endorphins (the feel-good chemical)

• Protect the heart by increasing blood flow

• Burn baby burn…..those calories

Theodore Lucier

In this masterclass, you will learn the simple 2 step approach to solving digestive, cognitive, skin, energy and imbalances. Don’t just suppress the symptoms (even with natural remedies). Fix the root cause:

First REMOVE (cellular toxins)

THEN ADD (nutrients…micronutrients)

Learn which and HOW to remove dangerous toxins.

Theo shares many DYI, cheap, low effort with high payoff protocols to remove hard-to-remove toxins …like lead, mercury, cadmium….safely and effectively.

Learn the Liver detox protocol that removes gall stones in 6 days with a cheap ingredient.

Learn what is Vitamin Washout and what causes the vitamins to be flushed out of your system leaving body nutrient-less.

We will talk about what surprising foods give us the most micronutrients, bioavailable iron, Vitamin A, D, K2 and help body detox in the most effective way. 

Diane Kazer

In this masterclass, Diane will share:

What are the top toxins that are causing inflammation…like arsonist causing flame /nutrient deficiency/ dis-ease/imbalances in our bodies.

And the 3 of those toxins- mental, emotional and belief systems- don’t even take physical form.

How anti-inflammatories remedies put out the fire but fall short of going after the arsonist.

How cleansing and detoxing benefits your hormones, supports your body to repair, give you energy, beautify,  and strengthens your immune system.

The biggest mistakes people may make when detoxing

Diane will share the different ways to remove that S.H.I.T (Stress, Hormone Infections and Toxins) through solutions that are both practical and effective

Nick Pineault

What is Electro Magnetic Field a.k.a EMF?

What is the difference between Natural vs Manmade EMF?

Why should we care?

How does it impact our hormones, sleep quality and overall health?

How medical doctors are seeing cases of “menopause” that are really electro-sensitivity in disguise. Learn how to recognize the symptoms! 

Nick shares practical and delicious remedies that help decrease our exposure to chaotic frequencies and increase our exposure to natural frequencies— and bring our body back to the balance and serenity it’s yearning for.

Dr. Steve Sinatra

What is Earthing/Grounding?

What kind of negative effects does EMF have on our bodies?

What are some of the things that move us away from being grounded?

Why is it the perfect anti-inflammatory and pain remedy?

What is the most surprising benefit of grounding/earthing?

How does grounding/earthing impact a woman’s hormones?

What kind of negative effects does EMF have on our bodies?

What are some of the things that move us away from being grounded?

What are some simple…right beneath-our-feet.. solutions to connecting from the ground source.

Dr. Barre Lando

The What and why

• What is the concept of bio-Terrain

• What causes symptoms?

• Why are we collectively hung up on labeling imbalances?

• What are 5 categories of things that cause imbalance in the body.

• What does Old scripture say about what is a temple, what is the purpose of our temple and what we need to do to rebuild the temple.

• What is our connection to crystal

The How:

• How to avoid/minimize getting sick or out of balance?

• How does one allow the 12 meridian system to resonate with the external environment?

• How do the 7 natural laws help body protect body against imbalances? Herbs, Vitamin D, Gounding, Forest, Sun, Moon Nature

What if outer space is not a void, but instead has substance, an “aether” that has healing properties that may be of tremendous benefit to us?

The Whole Transformation